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Campitello Matese


Campitello Matese is just about twenty kilometres from Bojano, the leading town in the valley. You pass through San Massimo, a small village that preserves the remains of a castle and a church, that of Santa Maria delle Fratte, which seems to have been founded by the Knights of Malta. Then begins a series of hairpin bends through fir and chestnut forests, wide enough to allow a glimpse of the Mainarde mountain range, and finally opens out onto this broad, breathtakingly wide plateau, enveloped by an amphitheatre of mountains. In summer, Campitello Matese is green with pastures, a destination for climbing and hiking enthusiastsenjoying the fine mountain air on the paths up to the Colle del Caprio refuge (1850 metres), the Gallinola Mountain (1923 metres) and the Miletto Mountain (2050 metres), the highest in the Matese and all of Molise: from the summit, the view reaches the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Gulf of Naples to the west. In winter, Campitello turns into one of the largest ski resorts in the Centre-South, with around 40 kilometres of slopes largely covered by snow-making facilities, served by four chairlifts and a couple of minor lifts. Those who love nordic skiing also find 15 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails.

Campitello Matese

86027 Campitello Matese CB, Italia

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