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Agnone's history is linked to a thousand-year-old tradition, that of bell-making: in fact, the Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli, the oldest known bell foundry, was founded here. Agnone maintains its medieval imprint in its architecture and artistic details and has important treasures to see in its centre, such as the Mother Church of San Marco, the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, the Church of San Francesco and that of Sant'Emidio. Among the secular buildings, Casa Nuonno with its goldsmith's workshop, Casa Apollonio and Palazzo Fioriti are particularly worth a visit. Not to be missed, to immerse oneself in local traditions, is the ritual that characterises Christmas Eve, the 'Ndocciata: a long parade of 'ndocce, or torches, carried by bearers in peasant costume. The 'Ndocciata is an exciting spectacle, to be admired and told.


86081 Agnone IS, Italia

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