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Treia is an ancient village in the Marches whose name derives from that of the goddess Trea-Jana, a Greek-Sicilian divinity who was worshipped here in ancient times. In the town centre, not to be missed is Piazza della Repubblica, embellished on three sides by the building of the Accademia Georgica, the Palazzo Comunale, seat of the Civic Museum, and the Cathedral, one of the largest in the region. Travellers passing through Treia during the Easter period, however, will have an appointment not to be missed: they cannot fail to taste the calcione, a typical baked product of the town with a characteristic sweet-savoury flavour, made with lightly sweetened puff pastry that encloses a mixture of eggs, pecorino cheese, sugar and oil and to which a cut is made at the top to allow the filling to escape during cooking and create the typical decoration. To this product is dedicated a festival every year, in May.


62010 Treia MC, Italia

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