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Mezzavalle Beach and its 10 sisters on the Conero Riviera

Let's take a look at the 10 sisters of Mezzavalle Beach on the Conero Riviera

05 October 2022

2 minutes

Mezzavalle is the last beach in Ancona and the first of many white beaches in the Conero Riviera Natural Park, 20 kilometres of coastline on the Adriatic Sea that has been awarded a number of blue flags for the quality of its water. There are coves, pebble inlets and wider beaches, some natural and wild, others with superb beach facilities, to suit all tastes and needs.

1. Mezzavalle Beach

Made up of fine gravel, Mezzavalle Beach is the ideal place for those who love beaches in their natural state. A public beach with no bathing establishments, it can be reached by sea or on foot via two paths that lead down the side of a ravine, one longer and more intricate, the other shorter and steeper. Overlooked by the majestic Conero mountain scenery, this beach is as wild as it is beautiful.

2. Two Sisters Beach

Below the Conero mountain, the two sisters are the two white stacks at the end of the inlet. Made of fine gravel, it has no kiosks or bars: it can only be reached by sea on the boat trips that leave from Numana and Sirolo

3. San Michele Beach

Surrounded by greenery and quite secluded, it can be reached by a 30-minute walk from the Parco della Repubblica di Sirolo or by shuttle bus. There are also bathing establishments here.  

4. Sassi neri beach

This beach can be reached on foot from San Michele beach: its name derives from the dark rocks in the seabed.

5. Urbani Beach

With sand and pebbles, this beach is largely taken up by beach umbrellas and sunbeds, with a few areas of open beach. Close to Sirolo, it can be easily reached on foot, by shuttle bus or by car. 

6. Frate Beach

In Numana Alta, this is mostly a beach with facilities and can be reached on foot from Spiaggiola. Its seabed is suitable for exploring with a mask and flippers. 

7. Spiaggiola

Made from sand and gravel, Spiaggiola is easily reached from Numana and is predominantly equipped with facilities.  

8. Numana Bassa Beach

Next to the old town centre, this is Numana's large beach with facilities that can be easily reached on foot or by bicycle.

9. Marcelli Beach

A large beach of fine gravel and with facilities, located along the hamlet of Marcelli in Numana, which can be reached on foot, by car and by bicycle.

10. Scossicci Beach

A comfortable beach of fine gravel, with alternating bathing establishments and public areas. On the seafront, there is also a parking area with facilities for campers.

11. Porto Recanati Beach

A Romagna-style beach, along the seafront closed to traffic, which can be reached on foot or by bicycle.


This is a coastline with a unique landscape and crystal-clear sea. Taking a holiday in the Conero Riviera Natural Park offers the privilege of marvelling at every step, or every swimming stroke.