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The full flavour of autumn in the Marche region's vineyard experiences

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The Marche region in autumn is a true spectacle of nature, and that’s for certain. Treating yourself to a multi-sensory tour of the region with visits to wine cellars, scenic walks in nature with stops in historic villages and tastings of the best wines of the Marche region - from Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi to Bianchello del Metauro - combined with typical products is an experience you will definitely not forget.

All the knowledge of Marche winemakers in a unique landscape

all the knowledge of Marche winemakers

From north to south, moving down from Urbino to the surroundings of Ascoli Piceno and passing through the Conero Riviera, the Marche landscape is peppered with wineries that have been cultivating grapes with a visceral passion for generations.
The winegrowers generously open their doors to you, creating experiences of taste and landscapes in the magnificent multi-hued scenery that autumn can offer.
The gentle hills of the Marche that welcome the rows of vines, with the sea glimmering below, and the sounds of magical nature will do the rest, softly accompanying the tinkling of fine glasses.

The 5 unmissable wine cellars in Le Marche, where you can enjoy authentic wine tastings

Mancini near Pesaro: the Pinot Noir you must try
at mancini's near pesaro

A winery tour in Le Marche surely has to begin in the area in the far north of the region, near Pesaro and the upper Focara coast. Here, the eco-friendly Mancini winery produces an outstanding Pinot Noir. You can taste it in the heart of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, made all the more fascinating by the colourful autumn foliage, on a spectacular headland on which the family vineyard extends.
From here, stop to admire the view of the Adriatic Sea as it opens out from above. Don't miss dinner in the winery, where the estate's wines (Focara, Roncaglia, and Impero) are paired with cold cuts, cheeses and meats from neighbouring estates. The bruschetta is a delight, with homemade bread. Urbino, among the most beautiful villages in Italy, is just a few kilometres away.

Moroder: the place to be in Conero

moroder the conero place to be

Founded in the 19th century, out of a love for the land and for wine, the Moroder winery is located in the Conero Natural Park. The flagship is therefore the Rosso Conero, made from pure Montepulciano grapes. A visit to the winery is an extremely interesting experience, because you will find yourself in a fascinating underground world, in a cave and in the underground barrique cellar.
After tasting the wine you are served crostini with homemade olive oil, vegetables and cheese. The Rosso Conero grappa is also worth trying. And if you want to stay for dinner, make a reservation at the Aión adjoining restaurant with its panoramic view, where in autumn the specialities are truffle-based, directly from the estate's own truffle bed.

The Tenuta Grimaldi, in the province of Macerata

macerata grimaldi estate

The Tenuta Grimaldi, in the Matelica countryside, promises an all-encompassing experience. For an autumn weekend of wine tasting and enjoying the landscape, you can stay here, in the wine resort, immersed in the vineyards of the famous Verdicchio, typical of this area.
When you wake up, stroll through the 30-hectare park or take a tour of the surrounding area, among the mosaic of farms producing excellent oils, jams and honey. In the afternoon, explore the vineyard, in the company of an oenologist who will tell you the story of passion and tenacity encapsulated in every single bottle. Finally, a wine tasting, held directly in the cellar.

A compulsory stop at Terre di San Ginesio

stage terre di san ginesio

Gentle hills combed by rows of vines await you at Terre di San Ginesio. On 15 hectares, the vines are indigenous: Ribona, Vernaccia Nera and Passerina in particular. But there are also international varieties, Merlot and Sangiovese, which you can taste at the counter or seated at a table in a comfortable rustic room. Cold cuts, pizzas, and bruschetta accompany your glass, and don't forget to try the vino cotto: a speciality that goes perfectly with mature cheeses or biscotti and doughnuts.
The bonus suggestion? Celebrate your birthday here with a special toast. And don't leave before visiting the nearby historic town of Macerata, for a complete tour of art and gastronomy.

Wine and protection of the territory at the Cocci Grifoni in Ripatransone

grifoni shards in ripatransone

Set in the high wine-growing area around the charming village of Ripatransone, in the southern Marche region, the Cocci Grifoni Estate is owned by a family committed to protecting the territory, as well as producing excellent wines: Pecorino and Montepulciano from historic vineyards.
Accompanied by the owners, you will visit it, moving through a landscape made all the more spectacular by the presence of gullies, until you reach Ripatransone and Ascoli Piceno, the turreted city.
The tastings are theme-based: one dedicated to Rosso Piceno Superiore, the other to Pecorino. And if you don't want to leave, you can stay at the relais Cocci Grifoni, with suites and flats, as well as a round terrace suspended over the greenery, where the wine becomes part of the landscape. Autumn still yields beautiful days: ask for a picnic to be organised for you in the vineyard.

Read more and enjoy the tour

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If you don't fancy a do-it-yourself trip, you can contact Winedering, an association that specialises in organising tours of wine cellars and tastings. And if you are a cycling enthusiast, the FIAB - Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta (Italian Federation for Environment and Cycling) offers cycling tours to wineries on certain dates, combining sport, tastings and local exploration. 

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