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The historic centre of Mondavio is one of the best-preserved in the Marche region, still surrounded by walls, perched on a hill from which unique views can be admired and where the gaze can sweep between the Adriatic Sea and the peaks of the Apennines. The heart of the village, however, is its Rocca: the rooms inside are perfectly preserved and the building now houses the Museum of Historical Re-enactment and Armoury: here you can see costumed mannequins and weapons from the 15th to the 18th century, while in the moat of the Rocca is Francesco di Giorgio Martini's park of 'war machines', which contains faithful reconstructions of ancient weapons, such as trabucchi, catapults and bombards. Finally, in the old town centre, the Palazzo dei Malatesta, who were the rulers of the town and its territory throughout its history, is worth a visit.


61040 Mondavio PU, Italia

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