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08 October 2022 - 08 January 2023

Giulio Romano. The power of things


An exhibition that reconstructs the genius that Giulio Romano was able to convey through design. International loans and recreated works bring lost objects back to life so you can appreciate their timeless charm.

The exhibition “Giulio Romano. La forza delle cose" (The Power of Things), curated by Barbara Furlotti and Guido Rebecchini, reveals the exceptional talent of this artist who contributed so much to the construction of the image of the Gonzaga family, with objects designed to depict the courtly “lifestyle” of Renaissance Mantua. Open until 8th January 2023, the exhibition presents

the genius of the artist that Giorgio Vasari praised in The Lives. Refined materials and classical shapes, natural or grotesque, adorn weapons, vases, jugs, plates, and even saltshakers and knives, expressions of the refined taste of the Mantua court

The Gonzagas meticulously protected and upheld the prestige that derived from this production. After his death, Giulio's designs spread across Europe, and echoes of his imaginative creations left their mark on luxury objects produced at the courts of Spain, Fontainebleau and Prague in the second half of the 16th century

The exhibition compiles a vast corpus of designs created by Giulio Romano for weapons and silver objects. Though no silverware designed by Giulio Romano has survived to the current day, to make up for this the exhibition features five 3D replicas, inspired by Giulio Romano's designs, created digitally to help us understand the great visual impact of his creations and the reasons behind his international fame as a designer of tableware.


Daylight saving time: Mondays from 1pm to 7.30pm, Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 7.30pm. Standard time: Mondays from 1pm to 6.30pm, Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 6.30pm.


For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website 

Palazzo Te english version (



For access and ticket prices of the event check the official website 

Palazzo Te english version (

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