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Relax and wellness

Wellness in Lombardy: 7 destinations for total detoxification

07 September 2022

3 minutes

If there’s never any respite from your workload at the office, with commitments increasing every day, and in your free time you briefly dive into social networks or watch a bit of TV, it might be worth considering a relaxing break. The detox and wellness retreats in Lombardy certainly have a lot to offer. 

Slow rituals and enchanting landscapes

Wellness and disintoxication in Lombardy go hand in hand with thermal spring waters, which have a truly relaxing effect and can release hidden tension, and perhaps you will become immersed in the natural world, which helps us free our mind from stress, anxiety and sad thoughts. Where will you find such a wonderful solution? From the Brembana Valley to the Lake Como district here is our list of proposals. All you have to do is switch off your smartphone, close your eyes and venture forth on your journey towards total relaxation.

San Pellegrino Terme - Brembana Valley

At this location you will begin to wind down even before you start your treatment plan. The wellness centres established in the 1900s in the Val Brembana were recognised as temples of tailor-made individual treatment but they were also situated in masterpieces of Belle Époque architecture. The new luminous portal of the thermal spa of the QC Terme group produced by the designer Matteo Ragni is a wonderful surprise: with its plays of light and mirror surfaces it reflects the profound relationship between mankind and nature.

Sirmione - Lake Garda

If you choose Lake Garda, consider the fact that the thermal spas of the Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi are the oldest in the area. At the Terme di Sirmione the heated swimming pool is also a leading attraction. The spectacular effect is even more intense at sunset, when vaporous mists emerge against a superb backdrop. 

Bormio - Valtellina

The magnificent and charming Bagni Vecchi thermal baths at Bormio are located beneath the Stelvio mountain pass. The temperature of the pool water is normally in the range of 37-40°C, and one should always consider ‘emotional shower’ sessions and a bio-sauna experience enhanced by the aroma of alpine herbs. 

Boario Terme - Valle Camonica

In the Camonica Valley, where the rhythm of life is quite slow and views of the mountains and meadows are so relaxing, there are 4 springs that replenish and give life to the Boario Terme thermal centre. The venue is enhanced by the presence of a Spa, a beauty centre and an adventure park for the whole family. What are the must-visit sites and facilities? The Finnish sauna, the frozen waterfall, the salt-therapy salon and a paediatric inhalation-treatment room. 

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso - Lago Maggiore

At the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, which is close to Leggiuno, welfare rhymes with spirituality and meditation. This monastic complex, dating back to the 13th century, is composed of 3 buildings commissioned by a wealthy merchant who, after having survived a shipwreck on the Lago Maggiore, was very grateful to be alive. The monastery can be reached by walking down 268 steps or climbing up a pathway of 80 steps. Alternative and easier solutions that have recently become available are the ferry boat, used in the summer, or a lift.

Valvestino - Lake Garda

If you love oriental philosophical visions this is your well-being venue. Many people consider this location in the Brescia area as a small feng shui wonderland capable of emanating great beneficial energy, perhaps also due to its alignment along the North-West and North-East axes. In any case, one will feel positive influences in the generous natural environment and the wellness treatment services that are available.

Lake Montorfano - Como

At an altitude of 394m. a.s.l. and presenting a curiously round shape, Lake Montorfano allows visitors to become immersed in the tranquillity and beauty of the uncontaminated natural dimension that surrounds it. The woods, tiny beaches and pier walkways providing access to the lido are reminiscent of North Sea landscapes, and the silence of the environment is broken only by the sounds made by herons and cuckoos that nest on the banks. We are sure you will find this a very relaxing place.

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