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The 5 best snowshoe hikes in Lombardy

Here are the 5 best snowshoeing routes. Set off on snow hikes in the beautiful nature of northern Italy.

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It is impossible not to love snowshoeing. Those who have already experienced it know what we are talking about, because they are always on the lookout for snowshoeing routes and itineraries where they can put themselves to the test by exploring new places. Those, on the other hand, who want to try this winter activity for the first time will have to take a small leap of faith. But, but don't worry, you will be hooked!

The many easy trails with breathtaking views in the mountains of Lombardy, and this is the ideal place to try snowshoeing. All you need is the willingness to walk, snowshoes, which can be rented, and a dash of adventurous spirit.

If you're planning a weekend in the snow or a skiing holiday and don't want to miss the chance for a good snowshoeing trip, here are the 5 best snowshoeing tours in Lombardy less than three hours away from Milan, which can be reached by high-speed trains from anywhere in Italy.

Snowshoeing on the Piani di Bobbio

the 5 best snowshoeing in lombardy bobbio

In the province of Lecco, about an hour's drive from Milan, one of the most popular ski resorts in Lombardy, the Piani di Bobbio, awaits you with two easy snowshoeing routes in the company of others.

From the Barzio cableway, a stone's throw from the Stella mountain hut and the Lecco shelter, ideal places to stop for a bite to eat, you can follow a ring-route in about 2½ hours that passes through the amphitheatre of the Gruppo dei Campelli and Corno Grande in the Vallone dei Megoffi: maximum altitude 1662 metres and a difference in altitude of 130 metres.

In 3 and a half hours, on the other hand, you can reach a height of 1900 metres with the loop route that passes by the Cima di Piazzo with a panoramic view of the Gruppo dei Campelli and the Orobie Bergamasche.

The difference in altitude is 300 metres. 

Snowshoeing in Madesimo

the 5 best snowshoeing in lombardy madesimo

In Madesimo, a municipality in the province of Sondrio that can be reached in just over 2 hours from Milan, we suggest two snowshoeing routes.

From the centre of Medesimo you can enter the forest and walk across the plateau to Mottaccio, returning to the starting point. This route is suitable for beginners, with an altitude difference of 200 metres and a walking time of 2 hours.

The circular route from the parish church of San Martino is of medium difficulty. 2 hours and an altitude difference of 250 metres with ascents and descents in the Ca Raseri area, plus a walk in the forest.

Snowshoeing in Ponte di Legno-Passo del Tonale

the 5 best snowshoeing in lombardy ponte di legno

The Ponte di Legno-Tonale area, in the province of Brescia and 170 kilometres from Milan, boasts 16 snowshoeing itineraries in Valle Camonica.

You can rent snowshoes on site and choose the most suitable route for you to discover unique places such as Mortirolo, Valbione, Corno d'Aola and Val Grande.

If you are after a truly magical experience, we recommend the annual Caspolada al Chiaro di Luna (Caspolada by Moonlight) in Vezza d'Oglio, Italy's most popular night snowshoe hike: 9 kilometres for the long route (5 km for the short one) and an altitude difference of 150 metres.

Snowshoeing in Livigno

the 5 best snowshoeing in lombardy livigno

If you love snowshoeing in the winter and are looking for routes for those with more experience, you can test yourself in Livigno with 3 routes of medium difficulty, such as the Val Federia Tee tour: 4 km, 447 metres difference in altitude and almost 3 hours.

The most difficult snowshoeing route in Livigno takes you up to Baitel da Plascianet in just over an hour, with an altitude difference of 286 metres.

Children and beginners can enjoy 3 routes such as the art trail in a forest of centuries-old larches and the one leading to the Crap della Pare peak in just 2 kilometres. You can snowshoe in Livigno, in the province of Sondrio, in 3 ½ hours from Milan.

Snowshoeing in and around Bormio

the 5 best snowshoeing in lombardy bormio

In the province of Sondrio, less than 2 hours from Milan, is Bormio, a small gem of the Valtellina.

The snowshoe trails in Bormio will appeal to everyone, from beginners to experts.

Beginners can discover Val di Rezzalo with the route from Fontanaccia to San Bernardo at 1860 metres. It takes three hours to get there, but the difficulty level is low.

The Sentiero delle sorgenti is also easy, if you want to reach 2000 metres. If you feel up to a difference in altitude of 479 metres, the Sentiero dell'Ables will give you a magical view of the Sobretta and Cevedale mountain range.

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