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Triora is a fascinating village. Strolling through its streets, one is enchanted by the small carrugi, the arches carved out of the rock, the beautiful slate portals, the dark caverns of the old ruined houses: everything seems to want to recreate a mysterious atmosphere, and indeed Triora is... the village of witches. All you have to do is stop and wait, and the stories will catch up with you: legends linked to 'strie' and 'basue', witches and magic, are still told here. In 1588, some women in the village were the victims of one of the bloodiest witchcraft trials in Liguria, and evidence of this event is preserved in the small Ethnographic and Witchcraft Museum, located at the beginning of the village. Also worth visiting is the Cabotina, where legend has it that witches used to gather. In addition to the mystery, however, Triora is also a village where the scent of bread can be smelt in the small streets: the typical bread is dark and homemade, and with its aromas it tells the oldest story, that of the link between man and the land.


18010 Triora IM, Italia

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