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Nervi is the green heart of Genoa: its mild climate and the presence of extraordinary natural parks, art galleries and, above all, the sea, all make the small village of Nervi a pearl set in the Riviera. Genoa is close, but here the rhythms are gentle, the distances short, nature queen. Worth seeing, in this sense, are the Nervi Parks, home to more than a hundred different botanical species, including some rare and exotic essences, and, for art and culture enthusiasts, the museum centre, which includes the Genoa Modern Art Gallery, the Giannettino Luxoro Museum, and the Raccolte Frugone, is well worth a visit. And then, above everything and intertwined with everything, the sea. Everything here is permeated by its presence: the small houses overlooking the harbour, the carrugi and creuze, the stories of the fishermen and the small boats resting on the shore... a small paradise caressed by the waves.


Nervi, 16167 Genova GE, Italia

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