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Finalborgo is a casket that welcomes and protects. As soon as we arrive, we are struck by its perfectly preserved medieval historic centre. The village has maintained its beauty despite its complicated history: it was the capital of the Del Carretto Marquisate from the 13th century, and was at the centre of struggles and wars, defeats and reconstructions that made it a place that kept its inhabitants safe, thanks also to its imposing walls, which are still visible today. Perhaps it is because of its reserved and silent welcome, perhaps because of its elegant beauty... Finalborgo is a place that wins the heart of those who know how to take the time to discover the soul of a territory. Finally, the craftsmanship also retains the care and traditional gestures of yesteryear. Indeed, the village is home to the six workshops that have created the 'Fatto a mano Finalborgo' quality label and their artistic products: resin jewellery, fire arts, sculptures, decorations, ceramics, macramé jewellery.


Finalborgo, 17024 Finale Ligure SV, Italia

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