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25 September 2023 - 01 October 2023



The Ryder Cup is the most important international golfing event

The tournament does not award prize money: the cup and the honour of victory are up for grabs.

The sporting event takes place over a total of six days, three of which are practice and three for competition, during which the top 12 European golfers and the top 12 Americans compete for the prestigious trophy.

On 14 December 2015, Italy was awarded the right to host the 2023 Ryder Cup.

The competition will take place in Rome from 29 September to 1 October and the official venue will be the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Guidonia (Rome): a course selected by IMG (advisor for Italy’s application) and chosen by the RCE (Ryder Cup Europe) because it is considered the only one with the technical features and infrastructure suitable to host the Ryder Cup 2023 sports competition.

The facility, owned by the Biagiotti family, has 27 holes and is only 17 kilometres from the centre of Rome. The technical features, the proximity to the capital city, the clubhouse, which is among the largest in Europe, and the ample space to accommodate a large number of spectators make it the ideal location for an event of the magnitude of the Ryder Cup. 

Logistically speaking, the facility is well connected to the main roads, stations and airports in Rome and can also be reached by public transport.

In addition, the impressive view from various points along the course of St Peter's dome and the 11th-century Marco Simone Castle Tower enhance the experience.

This will be the third time that golf's most prestigious competition will be played outside of Great Britain (after being hosted by Spain in 1997 and France in 2018).

The widespread distribution of golf around the world and the presence of the continent's strongest golfers on the course make the Ryder Cup a unique event.

The last edition played in France in 2018, with more than 270,000 spectators at Le Golf National, reached over 600 million homes with more than 160 countries connected via live television. 

Played in the United States for the first time in 1927, it is named after the English businessman, Samuel Ryder, who donated the trophy. 
The Ryder Cup sees United States and Europe go head-to-head and is the only sporting event in which the Old Continent competes as a team. It is played every two years alternately in a European or American city.

The Ryder Cup is thus confirmed as the ideal instrument to promote a sport that can boast 65 million players worldwide, making it the most popular individual discipline.



To find out the days and times of the event visit the official website




For event information and ticket costs, visit the official website





For event information and ticket costs, visit the official website



Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

Via di Marco Simone, 84/88, 00012 Guidonia RM, Italia

Call +390774366469 Website

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