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The Vendemmia Experience, where you can learn the art of wine and enjoy a unique experience

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The grape harvest in Italy (‘vendemmia’) is a time of celebration during which the fruits of the campaign's hard work are reaped. Today, the grape harvest is so popular that it has become a tourist event

What we are proposing is a tour to discover this rural festival, a Vendemmia Experience that covers several key stages of wine and food tourism in Italy, from Piedmont to Veneto, passing through Alto Adige, Tuscany and Umbria. In any case, not to be missed.

Piedmont: the Infernot of Monferrato

piemonte monferrato vendemmia

The first stop on our Vendemmia Experience is in the UNESCO World Heritage hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, where wine production is a cult, in a place that is, to say the least, evocative: the Infernot.

Although the name suggests something diabolical, these are ancient cellars dug into the stone and hidden underground.

Built in the first half of the 19th century, the Infernot were ideal places to store food, especially bottles of wine, thanks to the constant temperature of around 15 degrees all year round.

When you visit them, you will witness true masterpieces, the result of the skill of humble farmers. You will be amazed to see some tables carved into the rock in the centre of the cellars: the inhabitants of Monferrato used to go down to the Infernot because they offered a less harsh winter temperature than that above ground, and it was here that they would stop to dine. You can admire ledges curated like works of art, with shaped recesses that follow the contours of the bottles, and full of vaults, carvings, niches and candelabras. Contact the Pietra da Cantoni Ecomuseum and organise your grape harvest tour in the Infernot del Monferrato.

South Tyrol: Hofstatter estate

alto adige vendemmia

Another destination not to be missed is on the banks of the Adige Valley, in the heart of the historic village of Tramin: this is the Hofstatter estate, which can be visited from morning until late in the evening.

Here, you can enjoy your grape-harvest touring experience discovering the vineyards and the area in which they grow, as well as tasting fine wines in the enchanting wine shop, under the historic vaults of the wine cellar, which stands next to the bell tower of the late Gothic church, the symbol of Tramin.

Strolling through the rows of vines in the Gewurztraminer Vineyard Garden, home to no less than 30 strains of this variety, you will get to know the behind-the-scenes workings of the grape harvest and take a journey steeped in tradition, combining respect for nature with a pioneering spirit.

Veneto: night-time grape harvest at Ca' di Rajo

veneto vendemmia

The third stop is in the heart of Veneto, in San Polo di Piave, where the Ca' di Rajo winery is located.

Here, you will experience a unique vendemmia experience: harvesting by night, i.e. the harvesting of wine grapes during the darkest and coolest hours. What has now become almost a fixed event is certainly a spectacular ritual, which has a precise function: to take advantage of the temperature variations between day and night, to harvest in the best environmental conditions and preserve the quality of the grapes. You will discover a viticulture that has ancient roots and see vines growing in a radial form at a height of 4 metres, almost forming a natural monument: the so-called Bellussere.

Tuscany: a grape harvest weekend in luxury resorts

toscana vendemmia

The grape harvest tour reaches Tuscany, where passion for wine fuses with wellness. In fact, you can choose to savour the enchanting experience of vineyards, surrounded by unspoilt nature, and combine it with a weekend of absolute relaxation in a resort.

You will taste good wine, sample the tasty local cuisine and, at the same time, pamper yourself in a regenerating spa. There are many options: you can, for example, head for Le Buche Wine Resort & Spa in Sarteano (Siena) or the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi in Montaione (Florence). Fine facilities, inside renowned wineries. And all among lands of beauty, art, culture and nature. Idyllic places that revolve around grapes, a concentrate of nutrients that creates a connecting thread with the wellness and beauty itinerary. It is no coincidence that it is from this fruit that the elixir of life is produced: wine.

Try this for a romantic getaway of the highest standard.

Umbria: a grape harvest with a picnic at the Tenuta dei Mori

umbria vendemmia

Our journey ends in Umbria, in the 20 hectares of greenery of the Relais Tenuta dei Mori, located in the village of Villanova, 15 minutes from the historic centre of Perugia.

Amidst the rows of 12 different varieties of vines, you can imagine picnicking in the vineyard in absolute relaxation, in contact with nature. You will be provided with everything you need, food and equipment.

All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and enjoy this unique and unforgettable vendemmia experience.

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