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FattorMia, the start-up for sustainable and smart farm holidays and weekends

29 August 2022

3 minutes

Imagine a weekend on a farm: a dream-like place where time slows down, allowing you to escape from the city and spend days exploring and relaxing, with a partner or your children, enjoying outings in nature and educational activities for children, rediscovering nature through animals, among the fields and gardens.  

Choose a destination and adopt a farm

 adopt a farm

Whether for a weekend away or a tour through Italy’s regions, discovering the landscapes and age-old traditions of the “Bel Paese” (beautiful country), you can plan your tailor-made farm holiday thanks to FattorMia, a start-up with an online portal: by browsing the site, you can choose a destination, from the North to the South of Italy. You can even choose the animals and crops you want to take care of, meet the farmers and raise the cattle, following their progress even after the end of your holiday, throughout the year.

The true revolutionary aspect of FattorMia, which lets you experience new outdoor activities and re-embrace the simplicity of life in nature, is the direct contact between you and the farms: once you have chosen a farm, you will be invited to a farm lunch or to personally visit to pick up the products from the land and meet the animal you have adopted – or, for a small shipping cost, you can receive everything from the comfort of your own home.  

A direct channel with farmers and producers

A direct channel with farmers and producers

FattorMia offers a direct channel with farmers and producers, allowing you to visit the vineyards and taste a glass of their wine, learn how to groom the goats whose milk is used to make the cheese that ends up on your table, and discover where and how the tomatoes that flavour your salads grow.
You can build on the educational activities at home throughout the year by joining programmes organised for schools.  

Sustainable holidays throughout Italy

Sustainable holidays throughout Italy

At the core of the project is a commitment to economic and environmental sustainability: joining FattorMia also means supporting the small, quality farms throughout Italy, which are committed to protecting the land and biodiversity on a daily basis. From Northern to Southern Italy, we invite you to explore the many farms to discover on the portal.

Northern Italy: apples, highland goats and mountain pasture activities

Northern Italy: apples, highland goats and mountain pasture activities

The Aosta Valley is home to the farm of Erik Tognan, a passionate farmer who turned an abandoned plot of land into an apple orchard: he pursues strictly natural agricultural practices, respecting the rhythms of the seasons and environmental sustainability. Just as in the past, the apples are nourished only with mountain water and organic fertilisers.

Boasting a hundred cows, goats and donkeys, the Tanghetti Moris farm is a small family business in Val Trompia, in the province of Brescia. If you visit in summer, you can take part in the activities in the alpine pasture, accompanying the animals to the pasture and then taking them back to the barn in the evening for milking, or watch the cheese-making process.

The SanWido farm, in San Vito di Cadore, in the heart of the Dolomites, was born from the dream of 25-year-old Enrico to recover the ancient craft of farming. Together with his family, Enrico looks after about seventy Alpine chamois goats, chickens and bees, and in summer also a vegetable garden. The farm shop next to the barn sells milk, yoghurt, farm-made ice cream, cheese and preserves, all certified organic.

Central Italy: alpacas, centuries-old vineyards and forgotten fruits

Central Italy: alpacas, centuries-old vineyards and forgotten fruits

If you like exotic animals, head for central Italy - Tuscany, to be precise. You can visit AlpacaBrado, the first Huacaya alpaca breeding farm in Mugello, taking part in the numerous events organised by the company or planning private visits for small groups.

Still in Tuscany, you take travel back in time by visiting the La Castellina winery, in the thirteenth-century estates of the Squarcialupi family, a few kilometres from the medieval village of Castellina in Chianti. Anyone who “adopts” this company can enjoy an all-immersive sensory experience in its 140 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, visit the wine cellars, and enjoy a lunch or dinner with a dedicated tasting menu.

Moving on to the Marche region, you will find the Si.Gi. farm. which offers workshops for children; here, Giuliana and Silvano bring back to life varieties of long-forgotten ancient fruits and traditional recipes. In their fields, you will discover the only cultivation in Italy of sour cherries, as well as red dates and white figs: delicacies that are turned into jams, marmalades and juices

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