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Piedmont: A weekend of nature and dance in Monferrato

05 September 2022

3 minutes

'Dance is in our nature': this is the slogan and the promise that inspired Orsolina 28, an authentic Garden of Eden dedicated to dance in the heart of Monferrato, in Moncalvo, in the green province of Asti. This place is so evocative that it deserves to be included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and, together with young students, new promises and big names in dance, welcomes anyone who wants to experience the joy of movement.

It is the ideal destination for spending a weekend in nature, soaking up the beauty with all your senses, in a convivial atmosphere of interaction, where you can rediscover your relationship with your body, the rhythms of nature and inner peace.

From convent to international temple of dance

From convent to international temple of dance

Founded in 2016, in the 20,000 square metres surrounding an 18th-century building once occupied by the nuns who give their name to the project, the Orsolina 28 Art Foundation is many things: an international centre for dance, a focal point for both professionals and the public, an artistic residence for choreographers and professional dancers, the venue for workshops and masterclasses open to all, a restaurant with 'zero centimetre' products grown on the property's land, a hostel and a comfortable glamping site under the stars.

Founded by Simony Monteiro, a former dancer, who is Brazilian but a New Yorker by birth and who trained at the American Ballet Theatre and the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, Orsolina 28 is a veritable village of the arts, flowing with energy, creativity and positive vibrations, a farm with high environmental sustainability, designed with the intention of sharing as much as possible the wonder of the place, promoting interaction with the territory and bringing people closer to dance and movement. “Moving is in our nature, from birth," says the founder, "we express ourselves through the body, and only as we grow up do we become unaccustomed to it. Dance is inclusive: it is for everyone. No one should feel inadequate'.

A stage with a view

A stage with a view in Monferrato

In addition to the four spectacular rehearsal rooms equipped with large windows and overlooking the vineyards and hills, for dancing immersed in nature, where dance courses for local students are held throughout the year, there is the well-equipped studio that offers yoga, pilates and gravity® sessions, and the Open air stage, the large 850-seat open-air theatre in the middle of the vineyards and with a spectacular view, the summer venue for international shows. The eye, on the other hand, is the architectural structure in the shape of an eye that Orsolina 28 designed with Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin to host the Gaga seminars, the movement technique perfected by the artist and dedicated to professionals and the non-expert audience.

Eco-sustainability in a fine art form

Eco-sustainability in a fine art form

Completing the idyllic setting are two bio-lakes, i.e. an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, built with entirely natural water filtering and purification systems, 4,500 square metres of vegetable garden and 640 of greenhouses, one of which houses tropical plants, all cultivated using organic techniques, the restaurant with a menu based on the day's harvest and the glamping with geodesic dome tents that sleep 4 to 6, allowing guests to sleep in comfort but in contact with nature. Both spaces are accessed by guests who, through a structured package formula, take advantage of the facility's services or live shows.

An immersive and welcoming experience open to all

An immersive and welcoming experience open to all

Whether you are an established professional, an up-and-coming dance talent, take part in a workshop open to all, or simply attend a dance performance or concert, when you step through the gates of Orsolina 28 you will benefit from a welcoming, caring and appreciative stay, in close contact with nature and with full respect for the environment.

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