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Polcenigo is rich in historical, artistic, natural, hospitality and catering elements, some of which are exceptional. The Museo dell'Arte Cucinaria (Museum of Cookery Art) is located here, in memory of the generations of cooks who emigrated all over the world. Its connection with water is extremely strong. Of unquestionable charm are the Gorgazzo springs, crystal-clear waters that spring from a karstic cavity. Not far away, you can admire the wide and scenic springs of the Livenza River, which, although emerging a few dozen metres above sea level, give rise to a watercourse of considerable flow. In this setting stands the Church of the Holy Trinity, which houses a majestic 17th-century wooden altar, a valuable wooden choir, various altarpieces and numerous frescoes. Between Polcenigo and Caneva, you can admire Palù di Livenza, one of the oldest Palaeolithic sites in northern Italy. The San Floriano Rural Park extends over an area of approximately 65 hectares, the only example of a natural and rural park in Italy, a guided and educational reserve for both the local flora and fauna, at the top of which stands a church dating back to before the year one thousand, with a valuable series of frescoes inside.


33070 Polcenigo PN, Italia

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