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Friuli Venezia Giulia

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, canyoning across the grooves of history.

If what you are looking for on holiday is strong emotions, your way to visit the extraordinary region of Friuli Venezia Giulia is canyoning.

15 July 2022

You go through gorges and ravines to explore by abseiling, climbing along rock faces and diving into the cool waters of the most impetuous rivers. When the gorges become narrow and the light filters in from afar, high up there, you really have the impression of being inside the mountain disclosing all its secrets only to those who are daring enough to go looking for them.

1. The Stretta di Fleons

The Stretta di Fleons can be reached by a walk through the woods, which is ideal before letting your heart race wildly approaching the gorge. Here, the turbulent waters of the Degano stream have carved a canyon so deep that from the bank, up at the top, you can barely see the bottom.

The work of the water has lasted thousands of years, and it will only take you a few hours to walk the path to the bottom of the gorge, following the water flowing between the eastern slope of Mount Navastolt and the western slope of Mount Navagiust.

Along the way, you will discover deep erosion potholes, rocks polished by the relentlessly flowing water, small waterfalls and a few daring jumps to be tackled with a fearless heart and a desire to test yourself.

2. A path in the footsteps of history

The best place to start the adventure is Pierabech in Forni Avoltri, right in the heart of the Carnic Alps. From 1,068 metres high, follow CAI path 140 until you reach an altitude of 1,595 metres. That is where the Stretta is located. Along the way, stop at the fountain from whichGoccia di Carnia water flows, the same water that flows in the gorge and is bottled here.

Stop to notice the defensive posts used during the First World War. Remains of fortifications and trenches are still visible on the walls of the gorge. They tell another story that overlapped with the natural history of these places, leaving deep traces in the memory as well.

3. Il giro ad anello del Pierabech

After the canyoning session, you can choose to continue on to complete the loop back to Pierabech. To do so, take the CAI 142 path that runs along the Sissanis stream. Carry on up to Casera Bordaglia di Sopra at an altitude of 1823 to admire the alpine lake. It is emerald-coloured and surrounded by the peaks of Carnia: a real spectacle. Carry on downhill to Casera Bordaglia di Sotto and along the Bordaglia stream back to Pierabech.

4. Other gorges to discover in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Apart from the Stretta di Fleons, there is another special place for canyoning in Friuli Venezia Giulia. These are the Butines waterfalls in Val Cosa. It is fun to be between the Pontic Gorge and the Pradis Caves surrounded by immense forests.

Don't miss the Cellina gorge, which you can also see from the skywalk, a footbridge overlooking the canyon. In Forni di Sopra is the gorge of the Lumiei Torrent, almost 130 metres deep. A small bridge allows you to cross it but you can also descend to the bottom of the gorge.

Finally, the legendary Vinadia gorge is worth a visit, named after the Carni queen who, according to legend, refused to submit to the Romans by throwing herself into the precipice. The walls here are 200 metres high and there are waterfalls and ponds along the gorge.