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Emilia Romagna

A romantic weekend in the Piacenza hills

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2 days
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Two intimate days, hand in hand, in search of romantic sunsets, among villages, historic manors and open terraces on the hills of Piacenza.

Day 1

Rivalta Castle

Rivalta Castle

Our journey begins at Rivalta Castle. Located on the first slopes of the Piacenza hills and overlooking the Trebbia river, the manor is perhaps one of the most fascinating and best preserved castles in Emilia, with its unmistakable circular tower with a truncated cone roof. 

Documented as early as 1048, in the early 14th century the territory became a fief of Obizzo Landi. Remaining the property of the ancient and noble family until the mid-1800s, the castle finally passed to the branch of the Zanardi Landi Counts, who still occupy it today.

The visit immerses us in the life of the castle and its inhabitants, both material and immaterial: from the dungeons to the furnished rooms, passing through the kitchen of the chef Giuseppe, the ghost of the castle, you climb towards the loggias to reach the high tower where the view opens onto a panoramic view of the Trebbia river.

Low stone and brick houses lean against the imposing walls of the castle, while gravel lanes mark out the village, which appears enchanted: spa facilities and elegant restaurants offer unforgettable moments of relaxing intimacy.

Pigazzano Terrace

Pigazzano Terrace

Leaving the village of Rivalta, the route follows along provincial road 40 towards the hills.

Passing through fields, the road narrows until it enters the thousand-year-old deciduous forest that covers the gentle slopes near Croara. 

Along the way, the ancient and the modern alternate: small country churches are interspersed with golf courses, the remains of ancient castles and wine estates where traditional Piacenza wines are produced.

It is only 10 km to Pigazzano, in the municipality of Travo, and passing by the village's only restaurant, you arrive at the romantic panoramic terrace, where you can surrender to contemplation.

Day 2

Grazzano Visconti

Grazzano Visconti

A night in the Trebbia Valley is ideal for tackling the next stage of our itinerary in the best possible way. Our path turns eastwards to the village of Grazzano Visconti

The castle, which has existed since the end of the 14th century, experienced an intense flourishing in the early 20th century thanks to the eccentric personality of Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, who transformed the village into a neo-Gothic village.

Grazzano Visconti welcomes us into its magical surroundings with winding streets, pointed arches and eclectic buildings decorated with exposed brickwork, sculptures or frescoes.

Almost like a sentinel, the sculpted figure of a woman introduces us to the old court: her name was Aloisa. According to legend, the woman, who died from lack of love on the part of her husband, appeared to Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, who erected a statue to which, even today, young lovers  leave small gifts as a token of appreciation.



In the afternoon we reach Castell'Arquato, the village of lovers.

The road up to the square runs along the walls of the Rocca and reaches the gardens that look down on the hill. Immersed in a dreamy atmosphere, enjoy a walk hand in hand, take a few romantic snaps and, sitting on a bench, contemplate the harmony that the village offers us.

Castell'Arquato welcomes us with its museums that are open all year round and the scenic Rocca Viscontea, which takes on a warm golden glow at dusk.

This place was the witness to a love story with a tragic ending, that of Sergio and Laura. The story of the two young people, who, being betrayed by a false friend, were captured and executed, fuelled the tradition that sees Castell Arquato as the town of lovers. Every year, life in the village is enlivened by events dedicated to couples, such as the Romantic Dinner and Goblets of Stars

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