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San Giovanni Evangelista


The ancient Monastery with Dome by Correggio.

Benedictine complex that includes the Church, Cloister and Library of San Giovanni.

It was founded by Bishop Sigifredo in the eleventh century and is characterized by its Baroque façade that opens onto Piazzale San Giovanni. On the right side, the bell tower was added in 1613 which, with a height of 75 meters, is the tallest in Parma. The Church has a Romanesque structure with a Latin cross plan, three naves with cross vaults and side chapels. The interior is a triumph of frescoes. In the central nave stands the continuous frieze painted by Correggio who also made the lunette with St. John and the Eagle and the cycle of frescoes on the Dome. The vision of St. John the Evangelist is surprising as its perspective game is extraordinary.

The left aisle is distinguished by interesting early works by Parmigianino. The frescoes of Sant'Agata and the executioner paired with that of Saints Lucia and Apollonia of the first chapel equally stand out.

In the Monastery, the three cloisters are worth a visit. They are functional for the performance of the religious community’s processional rites, where you can breathe the Benedictine air, characterized by the"Ora et Labora" rule.

The Monastery Library is also frescoed and houses about 20,000 volumes, including illuminated manuscripts from the 13th and 14 centuries demonstrating the monks’ copy work.

San Giovanni Evangelista

Piazzale S. Giovanni, 1, 43121 Parma PR, Italy

Call +390521235311 Website

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