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Savignano Irpino


Savignano Irpino lies in an enchanting landscape, in the area of the Rifieto spring, on the slopes of Monte Sant'Angelo, near a wood rich in conifers, oaks and wildlife. The water that flows here has beneficial properties, but just walking in this verdant nature is a cure for the soul. Among the many paths that can be travelled, there is the ancient branch of the tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela: this has always been an area of transhumance, livestock breeding and therefore cheese production, in particular the area is known for the production of caciocavallo podolico cheese. Also worth seeing is the Norman Mill, known as the Bethlemme Mill, an ancient mill that was converted into a water mill in the 12th century.

Savignano Irpino

83030 Savignano Irpino AV, Italia

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