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In Monteverde, the air is clear, clean, the countryside welcoming and uncontaminated: only in such a 'pure' environment does the extremely rare black stork nest, which has chosen this very village as its habitat. Around the village, expanses of wheat fields, in the distance the sea of Manfredonia and, closer, the waters of the artificial lake of San Pietro, where the small lights of the town are reflected in the evening. Perched around the majestic Aragonese Castle, the village is developed, which, despite the earthquakes it has suffered over the centuries, has maintained its original urban layout, with narrow streets, steps and houses that seem to merge with the local rock, becoming one with the landscape. Finally, for those in search of art and spirituality, we recommend the former cathedral dedicated to St Mary of Nazareth, overlooked by the castle, a place of peace and beauty.


83049 Monteverde AV, Italia

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