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There are some days when the fog covers the hill and the only thing that emerges, mysterious and distant, is its top, with the castle and the watchtower that seem like austere sentinels. This is the magic of Montesarchio, a small village in Campania. Its symbols, the elements that most tell of its ancient history, are the castle, built by the Lombards and modified over the centuries, and the tower: the latter was - and in a certain sense still is - the strong point of the walls that guarded the town, born as a lookout tower and then becoming a defensive bastion. Also rich in history and charm are Latovetere, a fortified settlement dating back to the Longobard period that maintains its original topography, and Borgo San Francesco, the centrepiece of which is the former Franciscan convent.


82016 Montesarchio BN, Italia

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