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A Norman castle in the heart of Sannio

As you travel along the Volturno river valley, surrounded by the Taburno massif, Monte Maggiore and the Tifani mountains, you will reach Limatola, about an hour’s drive, bus or train ride from Benevento. You will find yourself in the heart of Campania, in the ancient land of Sannio, once home to the Samnites, a people rich in history and traditions.

This stunning area boasts a vast, natural surrounding landscape and a wealth of mineral water springs, not to mention an impressive array of tourist itineraries.

The town of Limatola lies at the foot of a hill, at the top of which stands a castle, built by the Normans on the ruins of a Lombard tower and renovated during the Renaissance. The fortress, surrounded by walls spaced out by circular towers, houses a palatine chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas. After decades of neglect, thanks to a redevelopment project completed in 2010, Limatola Castle is now a site of significant historical, cultural and artistic interest, and has been converted into a fine-dining hotel-restaurant.
If you stay in one of its suites, you can treat yourself to some rest and relaxation at the in-house spa, immersed in an intimate, refined atmosphere. 


82030 Limatola BN, Italia

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