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Spas, gardens and ancient villages

Benevento is known as the city of witches, who, according to legend, would gather at night around a walnut tree. But the province is also brimming with countless other stories to discover and places to fall in love with — starting with the Telesina Valley, which boasts spectacular natural landscapes, the thermal baths of Telese and an excellent wine production.

Nature lovers can enjoy a morning by Telese Lake or walk the Alto Sannio route, among ancient trees and medieval villages. Don’t miss the village of Sant’Agata dei Goti, perched on the edge of a rocky outcrop. Nearby are the mysterious pyramid hills of Benevento. Another village worth exploring is Pietraroja, at the foot of Monte Mutria. The cheeses and cured meats produced here are famous. The Secret Garden in Airola is a vast natural park with 16,000 plants and 300 animals from around the world.

In Benevento, don’t miss the Arch of Trajan, the Roman amphitheatre, the cathedral with its Roman marble bell tower, the hexagonal, Lombard-built Church of Saint Sophia, and the Rocca dei Rettori, originally a fortress and later a papal residence. The town also produces the famous Strega liqueur, and you can visit the distillery. When sitting down to eat, we recommend ordering “zuppa delle streghe” (witches’ soup) and ammugliatielli lamb entrails.


82100 Benevento, Province of Benevento, Italy

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