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A jewel surrounded by nature in the Pollino National Park 

Those who want to admire the pearls of Calabria's hinterland will find the small village of Orsomarso the ideal destination for an out-of-town excursion or a weekend exploring the Pollino National Park

Orsomarso, nestled in the Mediterranean maquis, lies in the Argentino River Valley and offers its visitors many magical sights, starting with the iconic Clock Tower that dominates the village from the top of the tufa rock on which it was built.

One of the highlights of the Orsomarso area are the numerous caves of karstic origin, which can be reached in a few minutes from the elegant old town. The most impressive is undoubtedly the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, a natural cavern in which a stone statue of the Virgin Mary has been placed. Also not to be missed is the small San Giovanni Battista Church, built on the remains of a medieval chapel and guarding valuable paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

There is no shortage of opportunities for those seeking outdoor adventures either. Experience the thrill of rafting on the Lao River or try your hand at one of the many hiking trails in the area.

Don’t leave Orsomarso without tasting a glass of Verbicaro, a fine Calabrian wine produced in this area.


87020 Orsomarso CS, Italia

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