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Where the sea meets the mountains in the horn of Calabria

Among the rocky, pristine beaches of the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) and the dense vegetation of the Monte Poro mountain lies Joppolo. This small village, 177 metres above sea level, is among the many points of interest in the so-called horn of Calabria.

Joppolo is the ideal destination for tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, with a crystal-clear sea and stunning views. This small municipality is best explored at a slow pace, far from the beaten tourist routes. We recommend visiting the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima del Monte Carmelo, the war memorial and the monument dedicated to Padre Pio.

Along the southern coast of Joppolo, on the border with Nicotera, you can admire the Parnaso Tower, a 14th-century Angevin fortification accessible via a small staircase.

Joppolo is also an excellent starting point for a holiday exploring the Costa degli Dei: within minutes you can reach Nicotera, Tropea and the beautiful beaches of Capo Vaticano.


89863 Joppolo, Province of Vibo Valentia, Italy

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