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One of the jewels of the Riviera dei Cedri in Calabria

Sandy beaches stretching for 8 kilometres, crystal-clear sea and architectural heritage of great importance. Scalea is one of the flagships of the Riviera dei Cedri in Calabria. Perched on a vast headland a few metres from the sea, Scalea proudly displays all the signs of its rich history, from traces of the Palaeolithic era in the caves of Torre Talao to the coastal tower itself that has guarded the coastline for centuries. 

The ruins of the Norman Castle, in the historic centre, recall the period when Scalea was a military fortress of the Loira family, while the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Lauro bears witness to the spiritual soul of the city: it was built by Scalea's fishermen to fulfil a vow made to the Madonna during a violent storm.

Among the magical places to discover in Scalea are the Grotta della Pecora, between the Baia del Carpino and the Spiaggetta, and the nearby Piscina, a stretch of coastline that looks like a large cistern bordered by rocks. Particularly striking is the Bay of Dragons, so called because of the rocks that emerge from the sea as if they were mythological creatures.


87029 Scalea CS, Italia


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