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Aosta Valley

The Skyway Monte Bianco cableway at Courmayeur: feeling on top of the world

Skyway Monte Bianco is much more than a simple cableway; it is a steel rope stretching up from Courmayeur to the vast sky above us.

5 minutes

Reaching a height of 3,466 metres, this authentic masterpiece of engineering and architectural design takes you to the foot of the most beautiful mountain in the world. Everyone can admire it from exceptional viewpoints and carefully perceive the majestic character of the massif surrounded by otherwise unattainable panoramic views.

We are at Courmayeur and the magical Skyway Monte Bianco cableway experience starts as one begins the journey. Formed by cabins that rotate through 360 degrees, the cableway offers a breathtaking view of the highest mountain in Europe, but also of the other peaks surrounding the Aosta Valley and the result is an emotionally intense journey within a journey. Using this fast and efficient facility, one will gently and smoothly ascend to a height two thousand metres above the point of departure in fifteen minutes.

Conceived as a privileged route to the mountain peak, the Courmayeur Skyway cableway is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape. The history of the cableway is very closely linked to that of the man and also of those people who, together with him, believed that rendering the great mountain accessible to everyone would not be impossible.

Along the route there are three stations where travellers may find refreshment at restaurants and bars. Other facilities include a museum and a cinema. Several conference rooms have been installed at one of the stations and a nearby botanical garden is well worth a visit. A play area is also available for children who will certainly be enchanted by a very pleasant atmosphere. On the external terraces the panoramic views are quite exceptional.

The Skyway del Monte Bianco cableway at Courmayeur - a variety of facilities and advantageous conditions

 The Skyway del Monte Bianco cableway at Courmayeur - a variety of facilities and advantageous conditions

The point of departure is at the Courmayeur/Valley station (1,300 m), where photovoltaic panels have been installed to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.

Here you will find parking spaces and a bar where you can relax for a while before departing on the mountain adventure. A large number of wild cherry trees have been planted on the hill to the left of the Skyway station, forming part of the #savetheglacier project. The trees intensify the presence of green areas and the levels of oxygen beneath the Mont Blanc massif with a view to mitigating the effect of global warming.

It is in fact possible to ‘adopt’ a cherry tree in one’s own name or present a gift to someone we love and care about.

The next stop is at the Pavillon du Mont Fréty/Mountain mid-way station (2,200 m) that offers a source of entertainment for everyone. Lovers of fancy and refined food will want a brief gourmet experience at the Mountain Bar and Alpine Restaurant which offer various authentic local specialities, while other pleasure-seeking individuals will be tempted by the delicious fizzy beverages offered at the Cave du Mont Blanc winery. The wine cellar offers ‘top-level’ European sparkling wines, which are produced at an altitude of 1,200 m a.s.l. at the vineyards of Morgex and La Salle and are then transported to higher levels for the sparkling-wine fermentation process.

The station also includes a special shopping area, the Saussurea Alpine Garden, where numerous species of alpine flowers may be seen. An original amusement park for children and a large panoramic terrace are also available.

The Skyway Monte Bianco cableway route ends at the Punta Helbronner/Sky station, located at an altitude of 3,466 m, a point which is rendered unique by a spectacular terrace offering an exceptional view of the massif and all of its peaks.

Again, it is worth considering the ‘local speciality’ factor and a chance to try some special flavours. At the Kartell Bistrot Panoramic café, situated at the highest point in Italy, you can taste locally-produced wines, polenta and a variety of homemade pastries.

At the Helbronner station you may also complete your tour by visiting the permanent exhibition of crystals and jewellery reflecting the splendour of the Mont Blanc massif.

There are many opportunities also for trekking enthusiasts. Passing through a tunnel you will reach the Torino Refuge, an ideal starting point for those looking for alpine and off-piste routes that will allow you to reach Chamonix.

Skyway Monte Bianco - The realisation of a dream

Skyway Monte Bianco - The realisation of a dream

The idea of creating a cableway leading towards the sky was strongly nurtured by Dino Lora Totino, who in 1941 began to work on what seemed to be an impossible endeavour.

Without being discouraged by ongoing events of the Second World War or by certain logistical difficulties, this engineer started to produce a series of technical drawings that illustrated the dream of allowing human beings to finally have easier access to the seemingly impervious dimension of the mountain ranges.

With the gradual construction of a series of stations in 1947 it was no longer very difficult to reach the Helbronner Point (3,500 m a.s.l.) and the ideal means of ascent connecting Courmayeur and the Torino Refuge became a reality.

In 2015 the Skyway Monte Bianco cableway entered a new phase. Elements of the facility were renovated and redesigned in order to ensure its harmonious integration into the surrounding environment without disturbing the natural setting in any way, while maintaining the essentially avant-garde features that have characterised the structure for almost 80 years.

How to reach the Skyway Monte Bianco cableway at Courmayeur

How to reach the Skyway Monte Bianco cableway at Courmayeur

It is quite easy to reach the Skyway Monte Bianco facility at Courmayeur. People travelling by car from Italy can follow State Road 26 in the Valle d'Aosta or the A5 Turin-Aosta-Courmayeur motorway. Travelling by bus is also a convenient option: Courmayeur offers a public transport service with links to Aosta, the Mont Blanc Valley and the main cities of Northern Italy.

Those who prefer to travel by plane may decide to arrive at the Aosta airport ,which is about 40 km from Courmayeur. Seasonal charter flights and also various private and commercial air-travel solutions may be considered. The Chivasso - Aosta railway line also provides a very useful service.

Skyway Monte Bianco - Timetable

Skyway Monte Bianco - Timetable
  • from 30/07/2022 to 27/08/2022: the first departure is at 06.30, and the last outward and return journey is at 18.30; the final descent is at 19.30 and the final ascent is at 19.00;
  • From 28/08/2022 to 11/09/2022: the first departure is at 07.30, and the last outward and return journey is at 15.30; the final descent is at 16.30 and the final ascent is at 16.00;
  • From 12/09/2022 to 06/11/2022: the first departure is at 08.30, and the last outward and return journey is at 14.30; the final descent is at 15.30 and the final ascent is at 15.00;
  • from 25/06/2022 to 29/07/2022: the first departure is at 06.30, the last outward and return journey is at 16.30; the final descent is at 17.30 and the final ascent is at 17.00; 

Skyway Monte Bianco - Ticket prices

Skyway Monte Bianco - Ticket prices
  • Return ticket: Courmayeur - Pavillon du Mont Fréty    €25.00
  • Return ticket: Courmayeur - Punta Helbronner   €55.00
  • Special fares are available for children and teenagers
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