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Vallo di Nera


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An atmosphere of bygone days, almost fairytale-like, is what you absorb in Vallo di Nera, a village in Valnerina, which rises above a hill, still preserving the layout of the fortified centre intact dating back to the early 13th century.

The stories of the mountains and the most curious and interesting anecdotes passed down verbally between generations of locals have been collected in the Casa dei Racconti [House of Tales]. A project, Terra dei Racconti, aims precisely at recovering and enhancing, not dispersing but rather re-proposing to future generations, the oral narrative heritage of the Valnerina.

The historic centre of Vallo di Nera, surrounded by mighty walls, still has its medieval castle-country with a dense network of narrow streets and light stone houses, connected by subways and arches. See the precious Romanesque churches: the Church of St Mary, St Catherine's Church and the Church of S. John the Baptist from the 13th century.

The typical product of the village is the cheese, which is celebrated in June with the "Fior di Cacio", which allows visitors to taste the products, visit the village and enjoy rewarding experiences such as workshops and education.

Vallo di Nera

06040 Vallo di Nera PG, Italia

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