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Food and wine

The Attigliano food and wine Festival

In September, a skillful mix of taste and culture in the heart of the village

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Attigliano is a truly pleasant village for a stroll, but it becomes even irresistible in the month of September, during the days of the most anticipated food and wine event of the year, "Attijano vecchio de... gusto": a perfect mix of history, traditions and flavours. On the occasion, Attigliano's old town welcomes beer producers, agri-food companies and local wineries that offer their best production, in addition to several opportunities to discover the village and its history. 


The "manfricoli" and other delicacies

If you want to enjoy a great lunch and eat like a local, you cannot miss this festival and its traditional recipes: the "manfricoli", for example, are a traditional Umbrian dish and a classic in Attigliano as well. Similar to noodles but thicker, they are made from a dough of water and wheat flour. The mix is worked on a wooden board covered with flour to obtain a thick sheet of dough which is then cut into strips that are stretched and rounded by hand. The pasta takes its name from this very operation: "manfricoli" literally means "rubbed by hand." The manfricoli are seasoned with different kinds of sauce, a typical one consists of sausage, asparagus, pepper and Umbrian pecorino cheese.The classic menu cannot miss the barbecued meat, accompanied by local red wines. Attigliano is also famous for its sliced beef steak, the tagliata, which is the queen of another local event.

At the festival, there is also a wide choice of beers and a variety of wine tasting routes: Attigliano is a land of important wines including the Amelia Doc, the Narni Igt and the Umbria Igt. Your thirst for knowledge, on the other hand, will be satisfied at the Library Museum (Museum of Myths, Rites and Symbols) in Attigliano Scalo, which offers guided and free tours to introduce you to the mysterious and fascinating world of esoteric sciences, religions and ancient wisdom. 

And this is how a small, quiet village becomes a centre of knowledge and taste.

Credit to: LigaDue

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