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Within the Monti Sibillini National Park, Preci boasts an area of rare beauty, where wild rocks alternate with soft, verdant hills, where plateaus intertwine with forests. Fascinated by so much beauty, one arrives at the village where the Town Hall stands out, and continues the walk to the Castle and the church of Santa Caterina. But the symbol of Preci is definitely the Benedictine abbey of Sant'Eutizio, founded on the tombs of Syriac monks who chose this place to live as ascetics and hermits. Throughout the Middle Ages, the abbey was an important centre for the development of the Precian surgical school throughout Europe and this medical tradition was then passed on to the inhabitants of the village and, later, to the people of the neighbouring territories. This important and almost magical history still hovers here. Imprinted in the stones, like a spirit of the place, ready to be narrated, to start travelling again.


06047 Preci PG, Italia

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