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Monte Castello di Vibio


Travelling around beautiful Umbria, there are many places that reveal the magic of medieval atmospheres, and one of these is certainly Monte Castello di Vibio, a village perched on the top of a hill from which the spectacle of the landscape is every time a gift that this land reserves for inhabitants and travellers. Arriving in the historical centre, which in all its architecture reproduces the structure of the ancient fortified village, there are some points that are certainly worth a visit: the church of Sant'Illuminata or of the Santissimo; the crenellated tower of Porta di Maggio, from which the village once defended itself against continual raids; the church of Saints Philip and James and the chapel of the Madonna delle Carceri. But the town's most special jewel is the Teatro della Concordia: with its 99 seats divided between boxes and stalls, it was inaugurated in 1808 and named after the "concord among peoples" that was being recreated in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century.

Monte Castello di Vibio

06057 Monte Castello di Vibio PG, Italia

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