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Massa Martana


It is a place in balance between nature and history, ideal is to move at the slow pace of walking, along the nature trails that cross the Monti Martani area, breathing in the scent of the woods and listening to the call of the birds. Upon arriving at the village, people are immediately enchanted by the historic centre, enclosed within massive defensive walls. Once you pass the entrance gate, decorated with sculpted stones and the town's coat of arms, you will stop to observe the elegant architecture and precious works of art, such as the Church of San Felice, dedicated to the town's patron saint, the Church of San Sebastiano, which houses a precious painting from 1595 depicting a Madonna and Child crowned with angels between St. Felice and St. Sebastian, and the 16th-century Palazzo Comunale. Massa Martana is a place where the air hides ancient atmospheres and the charm of the past pervades the streets: a place to discover, and to return to.

Massa Martana

06056 Massa Martana PG, Italia

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