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Lugnano In Teverina


Arriving in the village - nestled among hills and woods, olive groves and vineyards - one arrives at an almost magical, timeless, silent and relaxing place. Strolling through its stone alleyways and old houses, one gets lost in the cosy atmosphere that pervades them, stopping to admire churches and palazzi that enclose jewels of art of great value: the Church of Santa Maria Assunta or Collegiata, the 16th-century Palazzo Farnese-Ridolfi, known as the 'Pennone' because it stands out like the yardarm of a ship, and, leaving the historic centre, the Convent of San Francesco. An ancient legend still circulates here: it is said that the convent was built in 1229 in memory of a miracle performed by the saint in Lugnano, when he freed a child bitten by a wolf from a duck. Finally, not to be missed are the local food and wine specialities, simple and intense flavours that recall the land and the patient gestures of those who have always cultivated it.

Lugnano In Teverina

05020 Lugnano In Teverina TR, Italia

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