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A village of ancient origins and set in a landscape of great charm, between the fountains of the Amerino and Furapane, Acquasparta sees its name take origin precisely from this position, 'between the waters'. And at the centre of a visit to the village is precisely the green hills and woods: the territory here is rich in paths and nature trails that lead travellers to discover a lush, ancient and almost wild land. But then we come to the historical centre of Acquasparta, where the most representative building is Palazzo Cesi, Renaissance architecture that was the seat of the prestigious Accademia dei Lincei, the home of Duke Federico Cesi and, in 1624, hosted Galileo Galilei: inside, we can admire numerous rooms frescoed by the Zuccaris. And then there are the small churches with their precious jewels of art and culture, the traditional flavours, the authentic hospitality... Acquasparta, a welcoming village, a village to be experienced.


05021 Acquasparta TR, Italia

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