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Montescudaio: is a village of great beauty and richness, its position, which makes it resemble a precious jewel between land and sea, makes it the perfect destination for those who love to lose themselves amidst the enchantment of the waves and the seduction of nature, accompanying their pleasant stay with the unique flavours of the territory. From the Guardiola tower, the village's vantage point, your gaze wanders over the blue sea to the islands of Gorgona and Capraia, and sometimes even as far as the northern tip of Cape Corso, and then sweeps over rows of vines, olive and fruit trees. This is a generous land, so much so that Montescudaio is part of the national associations of Wine Cities, Oil Cities and Bread Cities. And when one's gaze returns to the town, one is enchanted by the characteristic hovels with their roofs covered in typical Tuscan tiles and by the traces of the medieval past, such as the Civic Tower, the ancient access point to the town. A town waiting to be discovered, perhaps at the slow pace of times gone by.


I.A.T. Tourist Information and Reception Office Montescudaio Via Della Madonna, 37 - Montescudaio

Call +390586/651623
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