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Laguna di Orbetello


A paradise for birdwatching

The Natural Reserve of the Orbetello Lagoon, on the Tuscan coast, is a wetland that offers a magical experience, among the reflections of light on the water, the gentle sounds of nature and the chance to observe a variety of birds, including herons, flamingos, cranes, lapwings and birds of prey, up close.

You can see pink flamingos take flight, colourful duck formations in the sky and marsh harrier soaring overhead. The calm lagoon waters change colour depending on the season and time of day, while the vegetation is always lush.

The lagoon is separated from the sea by strips of land – the sand dunes of Giannella and Feniglia, lined by groves and covered with Mediterranean scrubland. On the third strip of land, in the centre of the lagoon, lies the town of Orbetello. The waters are rich in fish, and smoked eels and mullet roe are prepared following traditional recipes.

You can enjoy birdwatching, ride along the cycle path that starts in Orbetello Scalo, or follow one of the three natural reserve itineraries to discover the local flora and fauna. The farmhouse on the Giannella sand dune houses an exhibition on wetlands and a butterfly garden.

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Laguna di Orbetello

Laguna di Orbetello, 58015 Orbetello GR, Italia


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