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Immersed in the wild beauty of the Garfagnana, surrounded by woods and their intense perfume, rises Barga, a small town with an ancient history whose soul is, however, linked to poetry: in fact, it was here that Giovanni Pascoli lived, after his house in San Mauro di Romagna was lost along with the death of his father. In the silence and peace of this new nest, where he lived with his sister Mariù, he developed his love for Latin poetry, edited the collections of Myricae and composed the Canti di Castelvecchio. The village atmospheres still seem to narrate this poetic soul, and perhaps they do, for those who know how to listen. Finally, there is a particular story that makes the façades of many of the buildings in this village unique: on them are small stone sculptures depicting anthropomorphic faces, once considered propitiatory of fertility... today the tradition remains of making a wish by holding the index and middle finger of the right hand over them. And the wish will come true.


55051 Barga LU, Italia

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