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07 April 2023 - 08 April 2023

Mysteries of Trapani


One of Sicily's oldest and best-known Easter traditions, it is among the longest religious processions in Italy. For more than 400 years it has been the event that epitomises the religious, folkloristic and cultural identity of Trapani: we present the evocative and exciting Good Friday Easter Mysteries Procession.

At 2.00 pm on Good Friday, the “Massari” and young volunteers lift on their shoulders the 18 wooden sculpturalgroups representing the Passion and Death of Christ. For 24 hours, they move throughout the old town, creating an enchanting spectacle of light, sound, colour and emotion. You can try a variety of typical sweets as flowers, candles and incense surround you in an atmosphere of spirituality, tradition and folklore.

The Procession of the Mysteries represents the Easter of an ancestral and enigmatic Sicily, made special by the bond between the Trapanese and the many curious people who return to Trapani every year, enthusiastically experiencing Good Friday as an unmissable rite.


To find out the days and times of the event check the official website


Free Entry



Free Entry


91100 Trapani TP, Italia

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