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Montalbano Elicona


Perched at an altitude of over 900 metres, we find the village of Montalbano Elicona. The entire village, with its old houses and narrow streets, converges towards the heart of the settlement: the castle that towers above everything and was originally a fortress. Built under the Swabian Aragonese domination, it underwent several modifications over time until Frederick II of Aragon made it his residence, enriching it with treasures and works of art: to see, the Royal Chapel and the two Museums, one of which is dedicated to white weapons. Back in the village, the beautiful Duomo awaits us, which houses a 15th-century wooden crucifix and a depiction of the Last Supper by the artist Guido Reni. And to savour, the many local specialities, including cheeses and provolone, or meat dishes.

Montalbano Elicona

98065 Montalbano Elicona ME, Italia

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