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It climbs to an altitude of over 700 metres on a limestone plateau (su Taccu), which opens the gates to the Barbagia di Seulo and leaves the Sarcidano behind. Sadali is a picturesque medieval village of almost a thousand inhabitants. Woods of holm oaks, oaks, cork trees and Mediterranean scrub surround the village. The Flumendosa river lends further charm to the landscape, while the plateau has a bare and barren appearance, except for patches of forest that once covered it entirely. The multifaceted territory has been inhabited since the Nuragic age: near the village is the Accodulazzo nuraghe, where pieces of obsidian and prehistoric pottery and fragments of pottery from the Roman period have been found. Su Taccu is a reservoir of aquifers that feed a myriad of springs, streams and waterfalls, including su Stampu de su Turrunu, a natural wonder on the border between Seulo and Sadali. It is the result of a triple karstic phenomenon: swallowhole, cave and resurgence with waterfall and pond. The route to reach it passes through the nearby Is Janas caves, home, according to legend, to three fairies. Shrouded in an aura of mystery, the caves extend for 300 metres and can be visited: a natural treasure trove that has stood the test of time with six environments made up of imposing stalagmites and stalactites that come together in columns, ochre-coloured flows and marble draperies.


08030 Sadali SU, Italia

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