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You have blue eyes, feet and hands that look like cradles: yes, in truth, the cork cradles, hung with fur ropes from the beams of the houses in Onanì, are smaller than your hands: this is how Grazia Deledda in 'Colpi di scure' (Shots of the axe) describes Onanì. A hillside village, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and oak woods, green pastures and the wild, rapid flow of the Rio Mannu, Onanì guards a small jewel on the edge of the town. It is the small church of San Pietro, dating back to the 11th century, which enchants for the landscape that surrounds it and for the material it is made of, granite, used for very few Sardinian churches. Its façade is simple, devoid of ornamentation, and ends with a small bell tower. Intimate and spiritual, it is a place of the soul. Around the village, the numerous nuraghi are the guardians of the village.


07052 Onanì NU, Italia

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