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The small village of Montresta was founded in the 18th century, and its ancient name was Villa San Cristoforo, a name derived from the nearby country church dedicated to this saint. Its territory, however, has a very ancient history and has been inhabited since the remotest times, as evidenced by several domus de janas, some nuraghi, such as the Badu de sa rughe, and the square tower called Sa Turre or Nuraghe Turre, the only Punic monument in the territory. And even more ancient and fascinating is the nature that surrounds the landscape, a green mantle of woods, among which the most precious is surely that of Silva Manna, made up of splendid centuries-old cork oaks. From here, from the cork, come the many craft traditions that characterise the village and that, together with the production of asphodel baskets and 'bistoccu' bread, make it a place of matter and creativity, of manual art and timeless gestures.


08010 Montresta OR, Italia

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