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It is a little jewel, Modolo: it is one of the smallest towns in Sardinia and lies nestled in a valley that has always been characterised by a fertile, generous, lush land, where wonderful cherry trees, olive groves and fragrant vineyards grow. It is precisely the vineyards that most represent this territory: Modolo in fact produces wines that fall within the Malvasia di Bosa D.O.C. area. Among the cultural and architectural beauties, in addition to the domus de janas in the localities of Silatari and Coronedu, the nuraghi Albaganes and Monte Nieddu, the remains of a convent that was probably the home of the Dominican friars, the church of Santa Croce, dating back to the 17th century, and the parish church dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle are worth a visit.


08019 Modolo OR, Italia

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