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Masullas is a small village located within the Regional Park of Monte Arci: surrounded by a harmonious landscape, its territory includes areas of great beauty, such as the Tarxi forest, the rocky wall of Su Columbariu and archaeological sites from the Nuragic period. A hospitable land of traditions rooted in the soul and gestures of its inhabitants, Masullas is enchanting for its great cultural heritage, in particular for the treasures housed in the GeoMuseo MonteArci 'Stefano Incani', set up in the premises of the former Convent of the Capuchin Friars. The museum is dedicated to Monte Arci, the symbol of the area, its minerals and rocks, which encapsulate the history of this land in a strong and ancient material: here you can admire wonderful minerals and rocks, fossils that tell of past eras, dioramas that reproduce the activity of the Arci volcano... a heritage of great value, full of charm!


09090 Masullas OR, Italia

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