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Cuglieri is the largest town in Montiferru and probably takes its name from the ancient and vanished Roman city of Gurulis Nova. The upper part of the village offers fascinating views with rustic houses, narrow alleys and beautiful mansions. The imposing 17th-century parish church of S. Maria della Neve, built on an earlier 13th-century structure, dominates everything. The church houses a beautiful painted stone statue of the Madonna of the Snow (15th century). Nearby, the Capo Nieddu cliff is worth a visit, from which, in winter and spring, one can admire the spectacle of the cascading waters of the Salighes stream directly into the sea. When there is wind, the spectacle becomes even more impressive because the waterfalls fan out to create a rainbow effect. Finally, Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, a hamlet of Cuglieri, is a seaside resort with a 16th-century tower from which to admire the splendid view of the coastline and a golden beach surrounded by clear limestone rocks, with caves and ravines. 


09073 Cuglieri OR, Italia

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