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Bosa is a town of land and river, a town with a dual soul, inhabited since Phoenician times, a precious land because of its location, close to the sea and the Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia. There are many excellences in the town: the export of coral, the manufacture of textiles, the production of oil and wine, especially Malvasia. Bosa is also a land of the sea. Near the town is Bosa Marina, with its marvellous sea and, in front of the beach, the Aragonese-style Port Tower of Isola Rossa, built centuries ago to defend against the Saracens attacking the coast. Finally, the sea also permeates traditions: on the first Sunday of August, the feast of Santa Maria del Mare is celebrated, with the statue of the Madonna transported in a regatta from Bosa Marina to Bosa, up to the cathedral. Rites that taste of the sea, of tradition, of gestures that are repeated over time and tell the soul of a people.


08013 Bosa OR, Italia

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