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In the innermost part of Sardinia, that of the Meilogu - a land whose name derives from the medieval curatoria Meiulocu, which means 'middle land' - lies the small village of Banari, at the foot of the hill called 'Pale idaa', surrounded by mountains and plateaus of red trachyte. And it is this stone that makes the village characteristic, since it has always been used to embellish houses and palaces, including the beautiful Palazzo Comunale, whose construction dates back to the first decades of the 19th century. And if, outside the village, the traveller will be fascinated by the mysterious nuraghi and the luxuriant faunal oasis of 'Badde manna', the village will be the place to go to discover art and culture: at the Fondazione Logudoro Meilogu, a noble palace also made of red trachyte, is the Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses a precious treasure of paintings and sculptures by important Italian artists.


07040 Banari SS, Italia

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