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The small village of Austis is embraced by the mountains of the Mandrolisai and is surrounded by granite rocks, sculpted by the passage of time and the daily and tireless action of nature. A village with a very ancient history, dating back to the Nuragic age, it still preserves several nuraghi in its territory, witnesses of the most ancient past. It is two rocks, however, that leave breathless the visitor who sees them for the first time: the one in the shape of an eagle that rises in the locality of Sa Conca de Su Cannizzu and the one that reminds one of a woman, Sa Crabarissa. And it is a legend that explains this particular shape, the legend of a young girl from Cabras, hence the term Crabarissa, who fell in love with a shepherd from Austis. They exchanged gifts and marriage vows, then the shepherd left for the transhumance and never returned. She searched for him and found him married to another woman: on the way back, she was petrified with grief.


08030 Austis NU, Italia

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